GHIC is aware that it can be challenging to find consultants that are familiar with Hughes Syndrome and its effects as a result of it’s rarity. The GHIC Consultant Directory is a growing database of known specialists across the world, designed as a tool for patients and healthcare professionals to help remove this barrier to effective care.

Please note: This information was recently verified by GHIC. However we cannot be held responsible for any details changing, any incorrect information or any inconvenience caused as a result. Please let us know if you spot an error and would like to update us.

Instructions to Use the Directory

Click the red icons on the map to find details of specialists in your area. Use the external links in the pop-up boxes to find consultant contact details and more information about referrals. You can use the ‘Search’ function above the map to help narrow down your search.

  • Search by ‘address’: Use a postcode, town or city or country
  • Search by ‘consultant name/organ etc.’: Search for a specific keyword. 
  • Radius: Adjust the search radius (miles) to find consultants near you. The radius function will only work if you have entered an address. Top tip: If you want to search the whole of a country, select the maximum radius. 
  • Reset: This resets all the search options.
  • Zoom: Use the plus and minus buttons at the bottom right of the map to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Full screen: Use the square button at the top right of the map to make the map full-screen. The same button then reduces the map back to normal size.


How does GHIC Decide Which Consultants to Include?

We have included consultants who have been highly recommended to us by our trustees and who we have checked and verified.

If your consultant is not on the list and you think they should be added, we would love to hear from you. Please send their name and hospital via an email to us.

If you are a consultant and would like to be listed, please get in touch.


Are the Consultants all Specialists in Hughes Syndrome Specifically?

Most consultants included in the directory specialise in rheumatology and are therefore likely to be familiar with Hughes Syndrome and well placed to provide medical advice and treatment.